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Our Stories

Our clientele requirements also are defined with a design story followed by manifesting it into the real world. Each project stands unique in itself and has an narrative of its own. 


Welfurn's Studio

The design concept takes one through the different phases beginning with traditional design transforming to mid century style and blending with the contemporary and modern design.

The location of the Studio is at Kamanhalli, Bangalore



Jaipuri Ghar

With a bright, colourful mix of tradition and royal appeal, this Rajasthani design style grabs the attention of all, from exquisite handicrafts to beautiful local furnishing styles. The sweet touch of luxury and nostalgia in this design style create a timeless design scheme.

The Project location was at Bren Imperia, Bangalore. 


Halli Mane

Embracing the essence of the village themed interiors, all elements are bound together by the same essence, reflecting the occupant's lifestyle, ensuring they blend into contemporary living.

It is in line with both the client’s and the architect’s celebration of South Indian culture and the fine craftsmanship.

Project location was at Vaishnavi Serene, Yelhanka. 


Kudle Mane

Blending the spell of nature into the design style, the building is designed amidst the streetscape with the spill of terracotta highlighting the details of the geometry of the facade.

Making a juxtaposition design between the contemporary and the mangalore halli design of humble language style. 


English Home

A typical British home, everything is perfectly organised, vibrant and dynamic.This flat combines modernist pieces with antique elements and the result is a bala